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Martinica Belts

Luxury handmade leather belts

Since 1984

The luxury handmade laboratory

Martinica Belts is an handcraft laboratory dedicated to producing luxury handmade leather belts. Being artisans does not mean being outdated. On the contrary, it means knowing how to interpret the present and its trends with a deep awareness of techniques and knowledge passed down through time. With this spirit, we can tackle future projects not only with experience but also with the ability to create innovative solutions. For us, craftsmanship is a way of living through change day by day, shaping the future with skilled hands and creative vision.

Classic Leathers

The most commonly used leathers in the development of Martinica’s leather belt collections and Private Label range from vegetable-tanned cowhide, known for its deep transparency, to classic calves and half-calves, smooth or embossed, embodying a clean and elegant style. Additionally, we also utilize suede splits and ultra-soft nappa on goat.

Cinture artigianali di lusso in pelle classica
Cinture artigianali di lusso in pelle cuoio
Cinture artigianali di lusso in camoscio crosta scamosciata

Exotic Leathers

Over the years, Martinica Belts has gained valuable experience in using exotic leathers for its handmade belts, including crocodile flanks, crocodile backs, python, elaphe, and ostrich shin.

Cinture artigianali di lusso in coccodrillo
Cinture artigianali di lusso in pitone
Cinture artigianali di lusso in stinco di struzzo

The Company

Martinica Belts was founded in 1984 and is built on a solid artisan tradition in leatherworking: a passion and craft that have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, now in its third generation, this tradition continues to be the beating heart of our business.

Martinica Belts il laboratorio di produzione di cinture in pelle
Martinica Belts la produzione conto terzi

Private label

We develop quality products using innovative processing techniques for fashion houses and companies. Discover what we can do for you.

Cinture della collezione Martinica

Martinica Collection

Each Martinica collection is born from a creative interpretation in the processing and finishing of various leathers.

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